Aging has its pluses and minuses, and a big one is the way our appearance changes. The skin around our eyes starts to wrinkle. Lines develop between the brows. The smoothness of our necks starts to go away. But those lines and wrinkles dotting our skin don’t need to be there, thanks to BOTOX® treatments at Wayzata Cosmetic Surgery & Spa.
How BOTOX® Works
BOTOX® is the most popular non-surgical cosmetic treatment in America – and for good reason. It’s easy to undergo and requires no recovery, so you don’t need to interrupt your life to receive it. During the procedure, BOTOX®, which comes from the toxin that leads to botulism, is injected into your skin. It temporarily softens lines and wrinkles, delivering natural-looking results and leaving you looking younger and more refreshed.
Why BOTOX® Is Popular 
BOTOX® works best on deeper lines and wrinkles, like the ones around the eyes, at the sides of the mouth, and in between the brows. It only takes a few minutes for the staff at Wayzata Cosmetic Surgery & Spa to administer BOTOX®, making it perfect for those looking for a boost without a big time commitment.
What to Expect 
A tiny needle is inserted under the skin to administer BOTOX®. A numbing agent like ice or a topical cream may be applied beforehand. You can resume your normal activity right away. If you have particularly stubborn areas to treat, you may need to undergo more than one treatment. You will start to see results within a day or two, but it will take about a week or two for them to fully develop. You’ll enjoy a revitalized appearance for anywhere from three to six months: sometimes even longer. The condition of your skin, your age, and what you eat all factor into your individual results at Wayzata Cosmetic Surgery & Spa.
Who BOTOX® Is For 
There aren’t many restrictions on who can receive BOTOX®. It’s intended for both men and women who are in good overall health. Women who are pregnant or nursing cannot receive it, however. As lines and wrinkles start to reappear, it’s easy to book a follow-up appointment for another treatment to maintain your fantastic results.
Whether you have a big event coming up or just want to look better every day, consider BOTOX® for a fresh-faced look. We are conveniently located in Wayzata, MN. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!

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