If you suffer from urinary incontinence, it can be so embarrassing. For the most part, you have bladder control. Then there are those frustrating moments when leakage occurs. You cough, you laugh or you sneeze and you have an uncontrollable leak. Sometimes it happens when you are lifting something that is heavy or you are exercising. It might be a drip or a flood. You can’t predict exactly when it will happen or how bad it will be. You can start wearing protective undergarments or you can look for a permanent solution that gets to the root of your condition. Consider the TVT sling to help you overcome these aggravating leaks.

Understanding the TVT Sling

The TVT sling, otherwise known as tension-free transvaginal tape, involves a minimally-invasive approach to correct your problem that is resulting in urinary incontinence. When the bladder places pressure on your urethra, it can cause it to open up and let out a leak of urine. When you choose to have the TVT sling inserted, you can give your urethra the support that it needs so that it will no longer open up unexpectedly at those moments when stress is placed on your urinary tract.

How Does the TVT Sling Work?

A mesh tape will be inserted through the vagina. The tape becomes a sling that is situated beneath your urethra to give it the support it needs. Think of it like a hammock. You can expect us to use local anesthesia during this outpatient surgery. It is best for you to be awake and aware during your procedure. This will allow optimal precision regarding the placement of your TVT sling to ensure your urethra has adequate support.

What Happens After You Get a TVT Sling?

You will need to urinate afterwards to find out how your body is adjusting to your TVT sling. Once you go home, you can expect only minimal discomfort from your procedure. You will need to take it easy for the following weeks while your body heals.

Learn More About the TVT Sling

You do not have to put up with urinary incontinence. If you want a solution that will give you more than disposable pads or underwear, think about the TVT sling. Make an appointment with our team at Wayzata Cosmetic Surgery and Spa to discuss this popular option for a problem that is so common for countless women. Urinary incontinence is common after the birth of several children or with aging. You can take charge of this problem with the TVT sling. Contact us today to schedule a consultation at our office in Wayzata.

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