When we smile or frown, small wrinkles and folds sometimes appear. This becomes much more noticeable after we reach our mature adult years. These wrinkles are called dynamic wrinkles because they occur during the dynamics of making facial expressions.

The muscles in the face control our appearance, and the skin above the muscles can become taut. Thinning skin, poor support from the underlying tissues and a loss of collagen can all lead to dynamic wrinkling.

BOTOX® is a proven means to reduce the appearance of these annoying smile lines and crow’s feet. It is an injectable solution that prevents muscles from fully contracting. It is a non-surgical alternative for the smoothing of the facial skin.

About BOTOX®

The primary ingredient in the BOTOX® solution has a strong effect on nerve endings, preventing them from sending impulse signals to the muscles. When injected beneath the skin, it affects the nerves that control facial movements. The individual can still smile and frown, but the muscles become trained to contract only partially. As a result, the smile lines and dynamic wrinkles virtually disappear.

What the Procedure Involves

We first consult with the client and take a close look at where the dynamic wrinkling occurs when certain facial expressions are made. We note the depth of the wrinkles and their exact location.

A typical treatment usually takes only about 20 minutes to complete. During the treatment, the solution is skillfully injected just beneath the skin. Over the next few hours, the solution moves around a bit underneath the skin. The full effect takes about seven days or so.

Additional Considerations

The muscles slowly relax and do not contract as much after the treatment is complete. The client can still make normal facial expressions, however. The effect usually lasts about four months, and the treatment is repeatable at regular intervals.

The punctures from the injections are so tiny that no scarring results from the treatment. There is also no downtime after treatment. Normal activities, eating and drinking can be resumed at once.

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You’ve probably heard about BOTOX®, but to get all the facts about how this simple cosmetic procedure can take years off your appearance, schedule your own personal consultation at Wayzata Cosmetic Surgery and Spa in Wayzata. BOTOX® is FDA-approved and is one of the easiest ways to get rid of those dynamic wrinkles without the need for harsh abrasive treatments or laser resurfacing. Contact us today to book your appointment to learn more.

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