Your day with your partner was perfect.  Now, after a wonderful date night you return home to a glass of wine and cuddling on the couch.  The music, the setting, the look in your partner’s eyes…all the pieces are there, except you have absolutely no desire and your body isn’t responding.  Sound familiar?

“Hands down, your brain is your largest and most sophisticated sex organ,” firmly states Dr. Lisa Erhard of Wayzata Cosmetic Surgery & Spa, area leaders in both Hormone Optimization and Feminine Restoration treatments.  “My patients often look at me with surprise when I say this, but the truth is; if you don’t feel confident and sexy in your own skin and body it will be incredibly difficult to feel passion and attraction and have your body respond accordingly,” she continues.  “I work with so many women AND men who feel distant from their partners because the sexual intimacy has been lost in their relationship,” she goes on, “their sex life is in grey scale and they are looking for ways to make it Technicolor again!”

The public has seen a recent flurry of new technologies entering the medical market that promise to restore a vibrant and authentic sex life.  ThermiVa, one of the most promising, is a non-surgical treatment which utilizes a radio frequency hand piece to restore tightness, firmness, thickness, and vascularity to the vaginal canal.  The results; increased arousal, blood flow, moisture and heightened sensation.  This no-downtime treatment is also making a name for itself in the world of urinary incontinence, as it literally reverses the condition of leaky bladder.

“The most common symptoms my female patients complain about are lack of desire, vaginal dryness, painful intercourse, lack of sensation,” says Dr. Lisa.  “These conditions can take a serious toll on a woman’s sexual confidence and her make her feel isolated from her partner,” laments Dr. Lisa.  “They are so relieved when they learn about all of the treatment therapies, like ThermiVa, available to them at my practice,” she exclaims.

Unlike many other clinics that just focus on one aspect of sexual dysfunction, Dr. Lisa Erhard takes a more comprehensive approach at her clinic.  Offering an array of treatments such as Bio-Identical Hormone Balancing, MonaLisa Touch laser, ThermiVa, she considers herself an ambassador for the “Over 40” woman.

“Every woman, and her specific needs, are unique to her,” Dr. Lisa states.  “For one woman, a simple adjustment in her hormone levels, especially testosterone, may be all she needs to amp up her arousal,” she advises.  “Other women, especially mothers of multiple children, may need a different approach which includes laser therapies like ThermiVa for tightening, or even surgical labiaplasty to restore her confidence,” she continues.  “Regardless of what she needs, I want my female patients to realize that they are not alone and that this part of their lives does NOT need to be over,” she exclaims!  “I now have 65-70 year old patients that I would take a bet have more vibrant sex lives than some of my 35 year old patients!”

Want to “start the conversation” and have an intimate and respectful consultation to learn about all of these treatment options?  Simply call Wayzata Cosmetic Surgery & Spa for your complimentary consultation at 952-955-9833.



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