When we look in the mirror, each one of us sees something we’d like to change about our appearance, even if it’s a minor imperfection on the skin. It used to be we would have to peruse the skincare aisle at the drug or department stores hoping for a miracle in a bottle, but that’s no longer the case. If you’re struggling with skin imperfections, big or small, call Wayzata Cosmetic Surgery in Wayzata, MN to discuss how a chemical peel in MN could be the solution to your concerns.

What Are Chemical Peels?

If you’re wondering about a chemical peel in MN, they are a non-invasive, non-surgical way to resurface the face, neck or hands by applying a chemical solution to the skin. The purpose is to exfoliate dead, dull and damaged skin cells. Once the solution is removed, the outer layers of skin will peel off, revealing a brighter, more vibrant and younger-looking complexion.

Chemical peels are a very versatile treatment and come in different strengths to address different degrees of concerns. They are offered in three treatment levels with peels at each level that can address different problems, from minor pore congestion to deeper signs of aging.

Mild Peels

These are the most superficial of the peels and are sometimes considered a “lunchtime peel.” Generally made of alpha-hydroxy or other mild acids, they’re formulated to improve the appearance of rough or mildly discolored skin. They are also used to remove the dull outer layer of skin that can be riddled with debris, dirt, and makeup to reveal a refreshed appearance.

Medium Peels

Made of stronger acids like glycolic and trichloroacetic, these peels are used to penetrate deeper than just the top layers of skin so they can treat more severe issues like:

  • Age spots
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Freckles
  • Moderate skin discoloration
  • Rough patches

As these layers of skin peel away, it triggers your body’s natural healing process to create more collagen, which regenerates stronger and healthier layers of skin.

Deep Peels

Trichloroacetic acid or phenol typically makes up these heavier treatments. These peels penetrate deep into the middle layers of skin, or dermis. There, they remove damaged skin cells to combat:

  • Moderate lines and wrinkles
  • Age spots
  • Freckles
  • Mild acne scarring


What Do Chemical Peels Do?

A chemical peel in MN serves two functions. The first is when the solution is first put on the skin. It acts as an immediate chemical exfoliant. The second and most important function of a peel is to trigger the body’s production of collagen. When you get a chemical peel in MN, your body thinks the removal of the dead skin cells is an injury, so it revs up its natural healing process and that involves producing more collagen.

Why Is Collagen Important?

Collagen provides young skin everything we envy about it, making it strong, smooth, elastic, supple and full. It is the most abundant protein in the human body, and our skin is made of 80% collagen. Think of this fibrous protein as the glue that holds all our cells together. When it’s in abundance, the foundation of our skin is strong so there are no visible signs of aging like wrinkles, folds or age spots.

It also creates a strong anchor for our skin, so it doesn’t sag and holds everything in place, despite gravity’s pull. Collagen makes up the middle layers of our skin and allows space for two other healthy skin powerhouses: elastin and hyaluronic acid.

Elastin and Hyaluronic Acid

When collagen creates a solid foundation in the dermis, it allows elastin and hyaluronic acid to work optimally. The protein elastin gets its name because it allows our skin and organs to have flexibility, or be elastic. When you pinch your skin anywhere on your body and it goes back to its original position, it’s because of elastin.

Hyaluronic acid is a sugar your body produces that keeps your skin and other connective tissues lubricated and hydrated. It holds one thousand times its weight in water and is what keeps young skin looking dewy and supple.

Loss of Collagen

As we age, our bodies produce less collagen, and it declines every year after the time we turn 20. With less collagen, that smooth, strong middle layer of our skin develops weaknesses where it will eventually give way in places. Those are the places where we will develop fine lines and wrinkles or have areas of volume loss.

Because we’re also losing elastin and hyaluronic acid, our skin can become lax as it loses elasticity and develops uneven texture because it can’t hold moisture in the same way. The decline in production means there will be cracks in our youthful appearance and things we’ll want to address.

Why Does Collagen Break Down?

There is only one over-arching reason for the breakdown of collagen—aging. Genetics is the other factor over which we have no control. If you’re from a family that produces lower levels of collagen naturally, chances are you will too.

There are things we can do to hold on to as much healthy collagen as we can for as long as possible:

  • Always wear sunscreen
  • Avoid any sun damage
  • Don’t smoke
  • Don’t drink alcohol to excess
  • Manage your long-term stress
  • Eat a healthy diet
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Stick to a regular exercise routine
  • Develop a regular sleep routine


How Can a Chemical Peel Help?

One thing that makes chemical peels so popular is the variety available. There is no one-size-fits-all concern, so this isn’t a blanket solution. These peels can be customized by your skincare expert to meet your individual needs.

Comprehensive centers will have a variety of peels they can offer. During a consultation, your doctor will examine your skin, listen to your concerns and get an understanding of what you’d like your results to be. From there, they can recommend the right peel to meet your needs.

Vivier Brightening Peel

This is one of the mildest and most soothing peels, packed full of alpha-hydroxy acid that promotes cell turnover while exfoliating and hydrating the skin. Other natural ingredients in this peel are known for their skin brightening and lightening properties while protecting the skin with antioxidants.

You can expect to look refreshed and revitalized after this treatment. Collagen will be stimulated on the top layers of skin to lend to the overall brightening effects. Most clients reach optimal results after three sessions.

Vivier Jessner Peel

This is a medium depth peel that’s appropriate for all skin types. This peel is designed to aggressively target:

  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Sun damage
  • Scarring

The discoloration isn’t the only concern this peel can tackle. Because it reaches medium depths, it can address even more difficult signs of aging like:

  • Reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reducing pore size
  • Evening skin tone and texture
  • Tightening minor skin laxity
  • Treating acne and rosacea breakouts

To maximize the results possible with this peel, its recommended clients receive 3-6 treatments based on the severity of their concerns.

SkinMedica Peels

This is a line of peels from a company that is constantly working to bring the best solutions to clients and get them the best results. They offer a mild, medium and deep peel. Which one is right for you will depend on the areas of concern you’d like to address and your doctor’s recommendation.

  • Illuminize Peel—mild peel meant to brighten the overall appearance of the skin and deliver a more uniform complexion
  • Vitalize Peel—ideal for fine lines, acne and mild pigmentation irregularities
  • Rejuvenize Peel—deeper peel appropriate for moderate to severe imperfections and irregularities


VI Peel Precision

This unique peel uses five different acids to create the dramatic results a deep peel would provide but with the quick healing time of a mild peel. This is a perfect treatment for mild skin concerns, like uneven skin texture, or more severe aging issues like fine lines and wrinkles and uneven tone.

VI Peel Purify

This peel is designed to treat acne-prone skin. This treatment addresses the many factors of acne so the client can enjoy clear skin. VI Purify is specifically designed to:

  • Clear out dead skin cells
  • Open pores
  • Kill acne causing bacteria
  • Soothe inflammation and redness


What to Expect

It’s important for you and your doctor to have a consultation so they can do a physical examination of your skin and get a brief health history. This is when you can talk through your areas of concern and they can get an understanding of what you want your outcome to be. If you and your doctor decide a chemical peel in MN is the right treatment for you, you’ll then decide which strength of peel will be used.

During Your Appointment

Treatment sessions will be different based on the peel being used. All of them will begin with the treatment area being washed and dried. Your eyes and hair will be protected from the chemical. From there, the protocol differs based on the peel.

Mild Peel Sessions

Your doctor will apply the solution with a brush to the treatment area. During treatment, your skin may whiten. This is not a permanent state, nor is it uncomfortable, but just a natural reaction to the solution.

Once the peel has been on an appropriate amount of time, your doctor will apply a neutralizing solution to your face or simply wash it off.

Medium Peel Sessions

Your doctor will apply the solution with a cotton-tipped applicator or gauze. Your skin will whiten as a reaction to the solution, showing the top layers of dull skin are being exfoliated. Your doctor may apply cool compresses or give you a handheld fan to maximize your comfort.

Deep Peel Sessions

These treatments are designed to go several layers down and require more patient attention. Some require IV fluids to ensure you maintain comfort, and your vitals will be monitored. Your doctor will apply the solution with a cotton-tipped applicator in sections on your face, each lasting about 15 minutes per section.


With each peel, the biggest aftercare instruction you’ll get is to stay out of the sun. Your skin will be sensitive to direct sunlight and harmful UV rays, so it’s important to protect your skin. Each peel may have its own, additional aftercare instructions that your doctor will make you aware of.

After about a week, your skin will reveal a brighter, smoother and more youthful-looking appearance as your old skin cells are replaced by healthy new ones.

Ready for a Chemical Peel in MN? Call for a Consultation.

If you’re ready to tackle those imperfections you see in the mirror, it’s important to only trust your skin to the best. Call Wayzata Cosmetic Surgery in Wayzata, MN to schedule a consultation. We believe in highlighting your natural beauty and helping you achieve all your goals so you can look and feel your absolute best.

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