With one in three of every American knowing someone with cancer, or having been touched by the disease themselves, we are well acquainted with many of the symptoms that can result from the treatment of this disease. But, there are certain symptoms which are specific to women that are seldom discussed or even addressed due to their intimate nature. These physical changes can leave women feeling like a stranger in their own bodies and dramatically affect the intimacy and closeness they have with their partners. In response, several FDA indicated laser devices have entered the market to combat these affects and restore intimate health to cancer survivors.

“Many women who come to me seeking feminine restoration treatments after cancer are genuinely surprised at the changes in their intimate health because no one ever discussed these symptoms with them,” shares Dr. Lisa Erhard, a board-certified OB/GYN and owner of Wayzata Cosmetic Surgery & Spa.” I see intimate health as an integral part of a woman’s overall well being,” she continues. “This is why I started to specialize in treatments that can address women’s specific concerns and start the conversation about vaginal rejuvenation post cancer,” Dr. Erhard states.

Common physical symptoms that women may experience are extreme vaginal dryness, thinning of the vaginal wall, which can lead to tearing, hormonal changes, and painful intercourse. These physical symptoms can, in turn, lead to emotional and psychological symptoms, severely impacting a woman’s quality of life and closeness with her partner and her own body.

“I am proud to be the only female OB/GYN and Cosmetic Surgeon in the Midwest who can offer her female patients BOTH the MonaLisa Touch Laser and the ThermiVa radio frequency treatment,” declares Dr. Erhard. “These technologies have the capability to dramatically improve the symptoms experienced by female cancer survivor,” she continues. “MonaLisa Touch is FDA indicated to treat the extreme vaginal dryness that can occur with cancer treatments and can actually rebuild internal tissue and increase micro-circulation,” explains Dr. Lisa Erhard. “To see these women walk back into my practice after their first treatment with tears in their eyes and say that they feel like themselves again and have begun as intimate relationship with their partner again…it’s the most fulfilling thing I can offer not only as a physician, but also woman to woman.”

We are offering $500 off a MonaLisa, ThermiVa O-Shot package for cancer treatment patients. Call Wayzata Cosmetic Surgery and Spa at 952-473-6642 to schedule a private consultation with Dr. Lisa Erhard.

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