Your body has always been on an even keel. You’ve maintained a healthy lifestyle, and it has never done you wrong. However, something changed once you hit 40. You’ve become irritable to the point that people are avoiding you. An overpowering fatigue has sapped your energy and makes you sleep more and more. You don’t seem to have the strength that you used to, and your weight is creeping up. Worst of all, you’ve lost all interest in the bedroom. You and your partner aren’t happy. You’re beginning to worry that there’s something seriously wrong with you. This may be the right time to start bio-identical hormone replacement treatment.

What’s the Story Behind Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Treatment?

Hormones are an essential part of your body. Your reproductive hormones are just as important as all of the rest. As a woman, you experience peak levels in your twenties. Once you hit thirty, they will begin to drop. As middle age approaches, the drop can become dramatic, throwing your system into a tailspin. You’re not crazy. Something is going on with your body.

Bio-identical hormone treatment is designed to restore balance to your hormone levels by using replacement hormones that are bio-identical to those produced naturally in your body. Many are plant-based, derived from soy plants and yams. By choosing bio-identical hormones as opposed to those that are derived from other sources, you are less likely to develop unpleasant side effects.

How Can You Get Started with Bio-Identical Hormone Treatment?

Bio-identical hormone treatment should only be prescribed by a doctor to ensure your safety. When you discuss your symptoms with a physician, a test will determine if your hormones are to blame for the problems that you are experiencing.

It’s important that you are open with the doctor and have a thorough evaluation to rule out any other health conditions that could be serious. If your blood test shows hormone deficiencies, the doctor can prescribe a regimen of bio-identical hormone treatment to provide you with relief.

What Can You Expect Once You Begin Bio-Identical Hormone Treatment?

Once your bio-identical hormone treatment begins, you will have a renewed surge of energy and strength. You’ll no longer be tired all of the time, and your moods will be balanced as well. Your weight should begin to drop once your metabolism is back on track. You can also expect a return of your sexual libido. When hormonal imbalances strike, there’s no reason to be embarrassed or suffer in silence.

Contact Wayzata Cosmetic Surgery & Spa today to find out more about bio-identical hormone treatment and how it can be effective in addressing your symptoms. You can feel better and get back to enjoying your life. Bio-identical hormone treatment could be the answer for you.

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