Once the effects of aging begin to appear on your face, you’ll notice something called crow’s feet, and although this problem is part of the natural aging process, crow’s feet doesn’t have to ruin your appearance and make you look older. One of the best treatments for this issue is BOTOX®, and if you have moderate wrinkles around your eyes, this non-surgical procedure can help correct the problem.

How BOTOX® Fixes Crow’s Feet

This is a special type of formula, and every year, thousands of injections are performed, and they’re used for a variety of cosmetic applications. By temporarily relaxing specific muscles in the face, BOTOX® can eliminate crow’s feet and help you recapture your youth. Many patients who undergo this treatment receive regular comments from strangers, and people are shocked by how much younger they look.

As you get older, your skin loses volume and starts to become loose. When this happens, the tiny muscles in your face are more likely to cause wrinkles, which is why aging causes wrinkles to form all over the face.

The wrinkles that form around the eyes are called crow’s feet because of lines that resemble a bird’s feet. During the treatment, BOTOX® is injected into the muscles around the eyes, and by temporarily relaxing the muscles, it prevents them from contracting.

It’s the contractions of the muscles around the eye that cause wrinkles, and since BOTOX® blocks the contractions, it eliminates the wrinkles and causes the muscles to relax.

What to Expect from BOTOX®

Most patients will see improvements within a few days, and the full benefits from the treatment will take a little longer. One of the major advantages of BOTOX® is the speed of the treatment. If you have a busy schedule, you can undergo the treatment on a lunch break because it requires minimal time. Although the procedure is mostly used by women, it has become increasingly popular among men.

Why Use BOTOX® for Crow’s Feet?

If you’ve started to get severe wrinkles around your eyes, you can see that the wrinkles make you look much older than you feel.

In fact, the wrinkles around the eyes are some of the first signs of aging, and they can have a major impact on your appearance. The reality is that lines around the eyes make you look much older, and to regain a youthful appearance, you need to consider eliminating the wrinkles.

BOTOX® works well for crow’s feet, and by causing the tiny muscles around your eyes to relax, it will make you look and feel younger. Contact Wayzata Cosmetic Surgery & Spa today to schedule your consultation. Located in Wayzata, we look forward to helping you with your cosmetic goals.

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