Laser hair removal is one of the most common cosmetic procedures in the United States. It can be used to remove hair from the face, bikini area, underarms, chest, back, limbs and more. Laser hair removal removes hair permanently without harming surrounding tissues. If you are considering laser hair removal, it is good to at least have an understanding of how it works and what to expect during and after treatments.

How Does It Work?

Our specialist beams a laser onto the treatment site. Pigment within the hair follicle absorbs the laser’s light, which ultimately results in the removal of the hair.

The patient is given protective eyewear and a cool gel is applied to their skin. The gel will both protect the skin and help the laser penetrate it to reach the hair follicles. Our specialist will then turn on the laser and monitor the treatment area. Afterwards, the patient will be given ice packs or anti-inflammatory creams to ease any discomfort.

How Should the Patient Prepare for Treatment?

Since laser hair removal targets the roots of hair, the patient should stop waxing or plucking hairs approximately six weeks before the procedure. Similarly, they should not have any electrolysis treatments at least six weeks before undergoing laser hair removal. The patient should also avoid sun exposure before and after the procedure.

Does It Hurt?

When laser hair removal first came out on the market, patients reported uncomfortable side effects during treatment. Fortunately, new advancements in technology have made the procedure significantly more tolerable. Most patients report nothing more than a slight sting, like the gentle snap of a rubber band.

What is the Recovery Period Like?

The treated area will look and feel like it has a minor sunburn for a day or two after the procedure. The treated hair will continue to remove itself over the next month. The patient should wear sunscreen for at least a month after the procedure.

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