A photo facial treatment can vastly improve the overall tone and texture of the facial skin. This type of treatment differs slightly from laser resurfacing. A BroadBand light procedure uses a mix of wavelengths that results in an intensified energy beam. The use of broad-spectrum light energy allows the light beam to penetrate through lighter tissues without affecting them. Abbreviated as BBL, BroadBand light therapy is performed using a specialized handheld instrument that delivers just the right intensity and frequency mix for optimum results. Here in Wayzata, we advertise our services to all individuals who seek a non-surgical means to improve skin tone, reduce the appearance of darkened regions, and decrease the prominence of fine wrinkles. Below, we offer a quick explanation of how BBL works and explain the overall benefits.

How BBL Treats the Skin

The instrument used in this procedure emits wavelengths throughout the visible spectrum. Depending on the wavelength mix, the resulting light beam will only be absorbed by certain tissues. The darker the tissue, the more readily it will absorb the light. The energy, when absorbed, becomes heat energy.

This not only shrinks the collagen present in the lower dermal layers, but also causes slight damage to darker, denser material. Freckles, age spots, and injury scars will become less noticeable after a series of treatment sessions in Wayzata because some of this dark material is discarded in favor of newer, healthier growth.

We consult with the client beforehand and outline the entire therapy procedure. We will examine the client’s skin closely and note the location and type of hyperpigmentation. We will also look at the fine wrinkles and marionette lines and determine whether they are being caused by a decrease in collagen production.

Before the actual treatment, we will give the client some protective eyewear. We press the BBL device to the skin and flash the lamp for a very brief period. A typical treatment for the facial skin can usually be completed in less than one hour. We will generally schedule multiple treatment sessions.

Results of BBL Photo Facial Treatments

After a month or so, the collagen production has increased significantly. The skin is becoming rejuvenated and is now smoother and tauter. Darkened areas are less noticeable because some of these tissues have been flushed from the body.

The major benefits of BBL photo facial treatments include virtually no downtime for the client, no special pre-treatment care, and the ease with which the treatment is performed. Many of our Wayzata clients prefer this type of skin rejuvenation method because no harsh chemicals are applied.

Smoother, Suppler Skin

If this sounds like the treatment you’ve been seeking, get in touch with us at Wayzata Cosmetic Surgery & Spa for more information. A BBL photo facial can indeed take years off your appearance, and it’s a far easier procedure than surgery or other types of skin treatments. Contact us today to schedule a consultation at our office in Wayzata!

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