Dermal fillers are oftentimes used to soften facial lines and wrinkles. Certain fillers are also popular for augmentation of the lips and to treat facial scarring and depressions. Some of the other many uses include:

• Correcting a hollow appearance around the eyes

• Improving lines caused by creasing around the nasolabial area

The main ingredient is typically hyaluronic acid, which is a naturally-occurring substance. Since it is not an allergy risk, it is one of the few outpatient cosmetic treatments for the face that does riot require prior skin testing. As a highly resistant chemical. hyaluronic acid conforms to the individual contours of each patient’s face. The body usually produces this chemical, but the process of aging depletes it. The effects of one treatment can last for quite a while.

What to Expect During a Treatment

Most patients complete the process just minutes in a comfortable outpatient setting. The injections are not all that uncomfortable, but patients who feel anxious can request to have a topical local anesthetic applied in advance. Before scheduling the procedure, the patient and expert decide which places on the face to target. It is critical to get this just right. On the day of the treatment, the filler of choice is skillfully injected into the preselected areas.

Patients should be able to resume all regular activities immediately. Some people even have the procedure performed on their lunch hour and return to work later. Others prefer to schedule it towards the end of the week and go back to work on Monday. It’s really up to you.

One of the significant benefits of treatment with dermal fillers is that it does require any downtime to heal. The treatment sessions are extremely convenient, even for those with busy lifestyles.

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