Everyone knows that having perfect skin is almost impossible. Virtually everyone has some sort of mole, blemish, or skin imperfection that bothers them. Others may not even notice it, but you do. If you are like most people and have problem skin, finding a suitable solution can seem like an impossible task. A dizzying array of treatment choices are available in Wayzata and elsewhere for seemingly every type of skin condition. If you are dealing with scars, wrinkles, or blemishes, laser skin resurfacing may benefit you. Countless people have used this safe, effective treatment to enhance the appearance of their skin by removing common skin conditions.

What is Laser Skin Resurfacing?

There have been tremendous advances in the field of cosmetic lasers in recent years. Laser skin resurfacing involves the removal of outer skin layers to correct problems like wrinkles, scars, and blemishes. The laser energy penetrates deep within your skin to make it smoother, tighter, and more even in tone. Once the old skin layer is removed, it is replaced by healthier, radiant skin that displays fewer imperfections.

Your Consultation

Prior to your laser skin resurfacing treatment, we will discuss the procedure with you. This is the time to let us know your concerns and ask any questions you may have about the procedure. At this time, you should also inform us of your medical history and reveal if you are taking any medications.

The Procedure

When the time comes for your laser skin resurfacing procedure, we will prepare the treatment area. These procedures are performed in the comfort of our office and usually do not take very much time to complete. Oftentimes, a series of treatment sessions is required for optimal results. However, it will depend on multiple factors.

Learn More During a Consultation

Laser skin resurfacing can be used at our office in Wayzata to address a number of different conditions, including acne scars, freckles, age spots, stretch marks, and uneven skin. You can learn more about this treatment during a consultation with our specialist at Wayzata Cosmetic Surgery & Spa, conveniently located in Wayzata. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment and get started on the road to healthier, better-looking skin!

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