There are many effective treatments for skin tightening, and you may be wondering what sets Exilis Elite apart. This treatment utilizes both heat and cold as it works on your skin to obtain the results you desire while keeping you comfortable during the process. The most popular areas for Exilis Elite Skin Tightening include the arms, thighs, jowls, neck, and eyelids. At Wayzata Cosmetic Surgery and Spa located in Wayzata, MN we want you to look as great as you feel!


What Results Can Exilis Elite Skin Tightening Offer?


If you are self-conscious about the loose skin or cellulite on certain parts of your body, the Exilis Elite Skin Tightening treatment can help to improve the look and feel of these areas. This treatment is a smart option if you are looking for improvement but are not yet ready to undergo cosmetic surgery. The treatment utilizes an instrument that emits radio frequency that stimulates the production of collagen while also breaking up and reducing fat cells. Your results may not be as significant as those that you can achieve with surgery, but this skin tightening treatment offers effective results and improvement to your problem areas.


Improved Results Over Time


Results will not be immediately visible, but they will emerge over time. Your body will also continue to create a higher level of collagen that will continuously improve the appearance of the treated area. Patients do not experience much, if any, downtime with some pinkness in the treated area for a short period of time following the Exilis Elite Skin Tightening treatment.


Skin tightening can help you to look younger and reduce the appearance of unsightly cellulite that can cause you to feel self-conscious. If you have problem areas such as your eyelids or are developing jowls beneath your jaw and neckline, this treatment is an effective non-surgical option. During the procedure, the heating frequency will get to work on breaking up fat cells and spurring the production of collagen, while the cooling frequency is helpful in keeping the surface of your skin comfortable.


Dr. Erhard and the entire team at Wayzata Cosmetic Surgery and Spa are here to help you to look and feel your best and get you the results that you desire. If you are tired of cellulite and sagging skin, contact our office today to schedule your consultation!

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