A woman who undergoes a large hormonal shift may very likely notice changes to her vaginal tissues. This can result in itching, burning, painful intercourse, dryness and even a feeling of looseness.

If you have had a major, permanent hormonal change and are considering nonsurgical options, the MonaLisa Touch® may be right for you.

What Causes a Permanent Hormonal Shift?

There are several situations that cause a permanent hormonal change. Menopause, which most women experience between the ages of 45 and 55, is one cause.

Women who have had a complete hysterectomy, including the removal of the ovaries, are immediately menopausal. Some cancer treatments can also cause ovarian failure and induce menopause, regardless of the woman’s age.

While not all women will experience negative symptoms, those that do have multiple treatment options available. Living with discomfort isn’t necessary.

How Does MonaLisa Touch® Work?

MonaLisa Touch® tightens the muscles and tissues inside the vagina. The procedure is often described as a vibration.

What Are the Benefits of MonaLisa Touch®?

Patients who receive treatment will note an increase in their natural lubrication and will also note a decrease or complete cessation of pain during intercourse.

You can reasonably expect some or all of these benefits for yourself, as the treatment works for virtually everyone.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

Three or four treatments may be recommended, with yearly maintenance treatments if you feel you need them. The treatments do not last long, making them easy to fit into your busy schedule.

Other than abstaining for a few days after treatment, MonaLisa Touch® doesn’t impact your normal routines.

Who Shouldn’t Receive MonaLisa Touch®?

A patient who is experiencing an active outbreak of herpes or suffering from a yeast infection should wait until the issue has cleared up before receiving treatments.

The treatment boosts collagen production, which means those who have a tendency to form keloid scars may not be right for this treatment.

Virtually every other reasonably healthy woman can enjoy the benefits of MonaLisa Touch®.

If you’ve gone through menopause and are not happy with changes to your vaginal tissues, there’s no reason to suffer in silence.

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