If you have wrinkles, frown lines, or crow‘s feet, you may decide to take BOTOX® injections. BOTOX® injections, which are made from a purified protein solution, relax the muscles to reduce wrinkles. It also been approved to treat other conditions, such as rapid eye blinking, migraines, and excessive armpit sweating. After you schedule your first appointment, follow these tips to ensure you prepare correctly for better success.

Choose a Convenient Time

You will get excited about being able to look your best again, but check your daily schedule before you make an appointment. Schedule appointments for early morning, during vacation time, or after school hours so you will not feel rushed. If that is not possible, try to go during a lunch break, since most appointments take 10-20 minutes. Also, try to exercise before the appointment to be more relaxed, and so you will not overexert yourself after the injection.

Apply Ice and Heat Packs

Apply an ice pack one day before the treatment to the injection area to reduce swelling and bruising. Wrap ice or a frozen pack of food in a towel or cloth, and hold it in place for about twenty minutes. A cold, damp towel or cloth works in the same manner. When the skin starts feeling numb, remove the ice pack, wait thirty minutes, then reapply.

After the injection, apply the ice pack again in thirty-minute intervals, switching to heat packs after 36 hours. A heat treatment can also be in the form of a warm towel or wash rag.

Clean the Skin

You will need to clean the skin with mild soap before the injection to remove make-up and dirt. Ensure that you remove the soap thoroughly, so no residue remains, and dab the skin with a soft towel to dry. You will not be able to wear make-up or rub the skin, so consider not wearing make-up several days before the treatment. The doctor may clean the skin again with rubbing alcohol to clean what the soap could not.

Know Which Medications and Supplements to Avoid

You may think since supplements are natural, they will not interfere with treatment, but they can increase the risk of bruising. Discontinue ginseng, green tea, fish oil, and garlic one week before the appointment. Some supplements can be discontinued within 36 hours prior to the appointment, but others will need to be avoided longer. Tell the surgeon if you take aspirin, sleeping pills, or muscle relaxers.

BOTOX® has the ability to produce great results if handled properly. If you believe BOTOX® may be right for you, contact Wayzata Cosmetic Surgery and Spa to schedule your consultation today! Our office is conveniently located in Wayzata, MN.

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