We all do our best to look and feel great. Sometimes, however, our bodies don’t cooperate with us. Fat deposits are an important component of your overall health and beauty concept. A uniform fat distribution can smooth out your lines and result in an attractive, sensual appearance. When your body concentrates stores of fat in a few unsightly target areas, the result can be an unattractive, asymmetrical look. The specialists at Wayzata Cosmetic Surgery in Wayzata, MN are CoolSculpting experts who can enhance your beauty by significantly reducing unwanted fat deposits.

What Is CoolSculpting?

The treatment is a non-invasive, painless, and affordable form of body contouring that can help you remove fat from areas resistant to the effects of diet and exercise. Watching what you eat and spending time at the gym are critical to your overall beauty program. But although you can reduce your overall fat percentage through diet and exercise, you can’t pick where the fat will be reduced.

Targeting muscle groups in the gym can even increase muscle mass and make unsightly fat deposits even more pronounced. It is frustrating to go through life with a sense that you don’t have control over your own appearance. Genetics and heredity, along with hormonal changes over time, can combine to instruct the body where to store fat. You don’t have any control over this process, yet many people suffer a loss of self-esteem when they develop unsightly fat deposits.

With CoolSculpting, you can choose exactly where to erase fat from your body with little to no recovery time and treatment that can be performed in less than an hour.

How Does CoolSculpting Work?

The inspiration for using cold temperatures to reduce a targeted layer of fat came when Harvard scientists Dieter Manstein and R. Rox Anderson noticed that children who ate popsicles developed dimples. They realized that the prolonged exposure to the cold temperature of the popsicle was detrimental to the health of subcutaneous fat cells. This inspiration led to the development of Cryolipolysis, which is the scientific principle behind this form of body contouring.

What Is Cryolipolysis?

Fat cells have a different biochemical composition than your surrounding skin and muscle tissue. When fat cells are cooled, they crystalize, which leads to cell death. Your skin and muscle tissue are water-based and can endure the cooling that removes fat without incident.

By cooling a targeted region of your body, it’s possible to trigger cell death in subcutaneous fat, which your body then processes and expels as waste. The whole process is natural and painless and does not subject your body to significant stress.

How Much Fat Can CoolSculpting Remove?

Body contouring is a miraculous process that allows you to reshape how your body stores fat in a way that enhances your beauty and is aesthetically pleasing. You should not think of it as a treatment for obesity. The best results come when the process is used on small, targeted areas. The ideal candidate for this treatment is a fit, healthy, and active person with a few problematic fat deposits they wish to have reduced or reshaped.

There are several things patients can do to enhance the effectiveness of body contouring. The fat cells that are removed do not return, but the treatment does not prevent your body from storing new fat cells in the same area. To experience the best results, it is important for clients to maintain their health and fitness regimen.

When clients maintain their goal weight, the process is very effective at long term reduction in specific target areas. Sometimes the body changes where it stores fat and clients do not see problematic areas return even when they experience weight gain.

Average Fat Reduction

In as little as one treatment, clients often see a 20% to 25% reduction of fat. It takes a bit of time for the body to begin the process of expulsion, and the first results aren’t visible for around three weeks. Once the process begins, clients can see weight reduction for up to two months or more. The result is a subtle transformation that improves appearance gradually and without the appearance of radical action. Your friends and admirers will respond to your improved appearance, but they won’t recognize what you did to achieve it.

Follow-Up Appointments

The treatment is so gentle that many clients elect to schedule follow-up appointments. If you are on a beauty program to improve your weight for a special event, like a graduation or a wedding, your specialist can design an optimal treatment schedule to ensure an ideal look for your target date.

It is important to allow for six to eight weeks between treatments to ensure you get the maximum effect. If you do a follow-up treatment too early, you don’t give the body enough time to expel the cells that were already targeted by the previous treatment.

Superficial Treatment

The applicators used for the treatment have both a vacuum and a cooling element. The suction helps position the targeted fat cells where the cooling effects have the greatest potency. This is ideal for shaping because it allows your specialist to perform subtle contouring. It is not ideal for massive weight loss because the deeper layers are shielded from the cooling effects.


Some studies suggest that the fat reduction percentage can be improved by massaging the targeted area immediately after treatment. This massage might be performed manually or through a vibrational therapy component in the body contouring applicator. Massage improves circulation and helps with the expulsion of waste.

Multiple Treatment Areas

Clients can also see better results by treating several areas at once. Applicators come in all shapes and sizes, and it can sometimes be more economical and convenient to treat multiple target areas in the same appointment. If you are treating a large target area, your specialist might have you sit through a treatment cycle before replacing the applicators and beginning a new cycle.

Body Contouring

With any beauty treatment, it is important to have the right expectations prior to scheduling an appointment. There is a fat reduction element to body contouring, but the purpose is not weight loss. Instead, you’re reshaping problematic fat deposits. Body contouring helps you achieve smooth, sexy, sensual curves without interruptions or blemishes. A 25% reduction of fat in targeted areas is a powerful tool for reshaping the contours of your body in a way that is both subtle and alluring.


Body sculpting allows you to remove the layer of fat that can obstruct the definition you’ve developed in your muscles. Many clients feel frustrated that no matter how much time they spend in the gym, they cannot seem to develop that Hollywood six-pack.

The good news is that your muscles are defined: it’s just that they are hidden. As the layer of fat is removed, many clients are encouraged at the positive response and find new motivation to reach even higher fitness goals. This can lead to a secondary boost of weight loss through positive reinforcement and increased dedication.

How Can the Treatment Fit Into My Life?

You are a busy person with a full schedule and lots of demands on your time. The good news is that body contouring is a fast treatment that you can schedule for your lunch hour and afterward resume your obligations with few restrictions.

Many people view body contouring as a critical module to an overall beauty program. Your appearance is a result of many factors, including diet, exercise, skincare, fashion choices, hairstyle, and more. Making time for a body contouring treatment is similar to scheduling an hour at a hair or nail salon. Once you get started, you’ll find that body contouring is an empowering choice with many secondary benefits.

The Consultation

Your first step will be to schedule a consultation with a specialist. At the consultation, you will begin to develop the relationship of trust that is critical with any wellness provider. Your specialist will be able to answer any questions and determine whether you are a good candidate for the treatment. There can be a lot of technical terms at the consultation, so it’s important to come prepared with notes. Above all, it is important that you feel safe and comfortable with a good understanding of the results you can expect.

Leading Up to the Appointment

Your specialist will inform you of what to do leading up to the appointment to ensure the best possible results. This might entail common sense health factors like regular exercise, a good diet, and minimal alcohol consumption. It is also important to avoid blood thinners in the days leading up to your treatment and to avoid burns, tans, abrasions or cuts on the target area. Skin damage can make the treatment uncomfortable.

The Appointment

You should arrive wearing loose-fitting, comfortable clothing and have some form of entertainment, like a book or a smart device. The treatment is so gentle that some patients take a nap to make the time go faster. Your specialist will probably take a photo of the target region so your results can be monitored. Then they will apply a protective gel or gel pad before using the applicator.

The applicator is a box with a rubber sleeve that makes a comfortable seal with the skin. It contains both a cooling and vacuum element for optimal performance. Once the applicator is in place, you will not be able to remove it for the duration of your treatment. It is important that you go to the bathroom prior to affixing the applicators and eat a light meal so you’re comfortable for the duration. Most treatments last between 35 and 60 minutes.


After the treatment, you will be able to return to your daily schedule with almost no restrictions. There are no anesthetics or pain killers involved, so you can drive yourself to and from the treatment. Your skin might feel numb for a short time, but it will quickly warm up and feel normal.

Schedule a Consultation Today

If you are a fit and healthy person with a few problem areas that are preventing you from achieving your ultimate beauty goals, body contouring might be the perfect solution. It does not make sense to judge your physique against the bodies of celebrities and Hollywood stars if you don’t take advantage of the beauty treatments they regularly enjoy.

Body sculpting is an effective way to remove a considerable percentage of fat from target areas. It can improve your aesthetic, restore your self-confidence, and provide the motivation you need to achieve even greater wellness objectives. Call the specialists at Wayzata Cosmetic Surgery in Wayzata, MN to get the answers to all your questions about CoolSculpting. You deserve to look and feel your best, and body contouring is a powerful, safe, and painless way to enhance your overall appearance.

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