Everyone has body hair that they do not want and there are a number of ways to get rid of that hair. Most of the methods are not permanent and take time to repeat on a regular basis. Some people shave while others wax and pluck. All of the methods can be painful, time consuming, and even a little costly. If there are areas of your body that have hair you simply want to get rid of for good, you might want to consider a different method of hair removal. Laser hair removal is a way to get rid of hair on a permanent basis.

Laser hair removal is considered a cosmetic treatment that reduces unwanted hair on your face or body. The technology within the industry has grown and advanced over the years so now the procedures are even more safe and effective than ever. Hair removal generally uses radio frequency and intense pulsed light sources in combination. This provides a safe treatment that reduces hair in that area for good. The lasers combine with the radio frequency energy in order to destroy unwanted hair follicles. That makes the hair removal long lasting and effective in many different regions.

When it comes to women, the most popular laser hair removal area is the legs. Women spend hours shaving their legs only to miss areas and be forced into doing it again a day or more later. Waxing is painful and does not last either. Laser hair removal on the legs cuts back on the hairs quickly and permanently. Men most often have their back and chest hair removed to create a more appealing look. Not many women enjoy a hairy back and it is hard for a man to get rid of back hair himself. Laser hair removal is great for these regions, among many others.

If you are interested in getting rid of unwanted hair in a more permanent basis than waxing and shaving provides, consider laser hair removal. You can contact us at Wayzata Cosmetic Surgery and Spa to set up  a consultation appointment to learn more about it and make sure you have your expectations along the right lines. Our team of doctors will be able to answer any questions or concerns you might have about laser hair removal. Then, you can decide which areas of your body you would like to have treated so you never have to worry about hair in those regions again once the treatments are complete.

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