Wayzata Cosmetic Surgery is pleased to offer Exilis Elite™, an advanced solution for skin tightening, skin rejuvenation, and body shaping. This non-invasive treatment is an excellent option for patients who want to tighten sagging skin, reduce wrinkles, eliminate cellulite and address other signs of aging. These commonly asked questions can help you determine if Exilis Elite™ skin tightening is right for you.
What Is Exilis Elite™?
Exilis Elite™ is the most advanced technology for tightening loose and sagging skin, reducing wrinkles and shaping the body. This non-invasive treatment can be used to shape and tighten multiple areas of the body, without surgery. It produces fast and long-lasting results with minimal downtime.
How Does This Skin Tightening Treatment Work?
This non-surgical, non-invasive treatment uses controlled radiofrequency energy to shape, firm and tighten problem areas. The radio frequency energy penetrates deep into the skin to shrink skin tissues and promote the production of new collagen.
Who Is a Good Candidate for Skin Tightening?
A good candidate for this non-invasive skin tightening treatment is an adult patient who desires cosmetic improvements in problem areas. A good candidate should also be in good health and not pregnant. The treatment is safe for a variety of skin types, conditions, and ages.
What Areas of the Body Can Be Treated with This Technology?
Exilis Elite™ treatment is effective on the face, neck, arms, knees, thighs, and legs. For men, this technology can be used to tighten the skin and reduce fat in the breast.
How Long Does It Take to See Results?
Most patient requires two to three treatments to see optimal results. Since Exilis Elite™ skin tightening involves the remodeling of collagen in the innermost layers of the skin, you will see good results at least five months after finishing your treatment sessions.
Is There Any Downtime with Skin Tightening Treatment?
Since there is no downtime with this treatment, patients usually return to their normal activities immediately after treatment.
Is Exilis Elite™ Safe?
Exilis Elite™ is an FDA approved technology for skin tightening, shaping, and rejuvenation. It is safe for patients of all ages who want to improve signs of aging on problem areas without surgery.
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