While you may have heard the term platelet-rich plasma (PRP) because of the wildly popular Vampire Facial® that utilizes it, you may not have known that there is a similar treatment available for hair loss. This treatment is centered on the two main components of plasma in the blood—white blood cells and platelets. Both components have growth functions which tell skin cells when it’s time to work. Naturally, these growth factors are significant in the world of health and can treat health issues and some cosmetic concerns, including female hair loss. At Wayzata Cosmetic Surgery & Spa, we offer effective and proven Female PRP Hair Restoration treatments so you can regain your hair and your confidence!
How It Works
Many studies have shown that Female PRP Hair Restoration is a strong hair loss treatment because it boosts the hair thickness as well as the hair growth cycle. The process is simple and minimally-invasive. Blood is drawn from your arm in the standard manner and placed into a device known as a centrifuge, which spins and separates the plasma from the red blood cells. The plasma has the platelets needed for hair growth, and it’s injected right into your scalp at the hair follicle level. Unlike other hair loss treatments which carry mixed success rates, this treatment is completely non-surgical and does not require any type of long recovery time.
While the session times vary, Female PRP Hair Restoration treatments generally take just 30 minutes to one hour. Patients are told to take warm showers to enhance blood flow and circulation to the scalp for better results.
Is PRP Right for You?
Female PRP Hair Restoration is essentially an ideal solution for anyone who is experiencing hair loss, and usually the earlier the treatment starts, the better the results you can expect. This treatment is also effective for those who suffer from androgenic alopecia, which is a form of hair thinning caused by genetic factors. This condition usually causes an increasingly wide part in women, with the thickness in the back of the head remaining at normal levels as the part increases.
There’s no reason to keep suffering from the embarrassment and loss of confidence many women feel when they have hair loss. The Female PRP Hair Restoration treatments at the Wayzata Cosmetic Surgery & Spa of Wayzata, Minnesota, are fast and easy, as well as effectiev. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and get ready to look like yourself again!

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