There are many causes of loose skin. Excess fat, rapid weight loss, age and damage from the sun are just a few of the things that can cause it.

Despite the numerous things that can cause it, the result tends to be similar: collagen deposits in the dermis layer of your skin become dislodged and less uniform than they should be. This results in sagging skin that makes you look far older than you are.

The good news is that new non-surgical procedures can tighten this skin while contouring deposits of fat deep beneath your skin. Exilis Elite skin tightening represents one of the most advanced evolutions of this technology.

How Does Exilis Elite Tighten Your Skin?

Exilis Elite works by targeting the physical imperfections that make skin appear less than perfect. It does so by utilizing high-energy radio waves to transfer energy to the collagen and fat deep beneath your skin.

Once it reaches these structures, the radio waves convert to thermal energy. This destroys the fat while encouraging your body to create new collagen structures in your skin.

Tighter skin with less fat are the results of Exilis Elite treatments. While some of these results can be seen immediately, the majority of the results will show themselves over three weeks to a month following your treatments.

Are There Any Side Effects?

The most prominent side effects of Exilis Elite skin tightening may be tenderness or irritation at the site of the treatment. These side effects should subside shortly after your treatments, as this is a result of your body dealing with the destruction of old collagen and fat cells.

How Safe is Exilis Elite for Saggy Skin?

Exilis Elite is among one of the safest treatments for loose skin, especially when it is administered by an experienced dermatological care provider. It requires no downtime, and the results appear gradually.

It can be used on any skin type or complexion. It may be safer to use than other treatments given the way that it does not pierce or interact with the upper layers of the skin.

Is Exilis Elite Right for You?

Only an experienced dermatological care provider can determine if Exilis Elite is the right treatment for your sagging or loose skin. It may be used by itself or in combination with other dermatological treatments. Contact Wayzata Cosmetic Surgery and Spa today to schedule your appointment.

For most people, Exilis Elite is an essential part of reversing the effects of aging and sun damage. It can produce amazing results that do not interfere with your daily routine when used correctly.

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