Coolsculpting is one of the best ways to shed those stubborn pounds and achieve a healthier look. No matter how committed you are to diet and exercise, fat can get stored in unwanted areas on your body. Every day, the specialists at Wayzata Cosmetic Surgery in Wayzata, Minnesota, help people achieve a smoother, leaner, more beautiful look. In this article we’ll discuss the benefits of Coolsculpting in MN, such as weight loss and improved self-confidence.

Why Consider Coolsculpting in MN?

Everyone feels pressure from the demands of work and family, and it is sometimes difficult to maintain a health regimen. Business trips can take you away from your local community, and it seems like unhealthy eating choices are always more readily available than the alternative. Heredity and genetics can also be difficult to overcome and lead to fat storage through no fault of the individual. Unsightly fat bulges that stubbornly resist any removal effort can be detrimental in many ways.

Fat bulges are bad for a person’s overall health, but they can also lead to a general dissatisfaction with body image and a lower sense of self-confidence. Anyone with stubborn fat bulges that persist no matter how diligently you keep to a diet or how many crunches you perform should consider Coolsculpting in MN. You have the right to achieve the body you’ve always wanted, and Coolsculpting can help remedy the fat deposits that won’t go away.

How Does It Work?

Coolsculpting is the common name for a treatment known as Cryolipolysis. The basic premise is that fat cells are more inclined to damage from cooling than skin cells. Using thermal conduction, Coolsculpting lowers the temperature of the fat cells in a targeted region while causing no damage to the exterior tissue. When the temperature of fatty tissue drops below body temperature but above freezing, it undergoes cell death that reduces the size of the fatty tissue layer. The treatment is non-invasive and highly effective.

Coolsculpting is non-surgical and FDA approved. The results are natural, highly visible, and long-lasting. Coolsculpting is not the answer to all weight issues, but during your consultation, you can discuss your expectations to determine if Coolsculpting is a viable treatment for you. Coolsculpting works best on the stubborn pockets of fat that have proven to be resistant to all manner of diet and exercise.

Is There Any Discomfort?

One of the best parts about Coolsculpting is that most patients report little to no discomfort while undergoing the treatment. It is a soothing, gentle process that leaves you looking great with virtually no pain either during the treatment or after. Because the surgery is non-invasive, it can be done on an outpatient basis with minimal recovery time. Coolsculpting is an excellent choice if you have a busy schedule with daily demands.

Do You Lose Weight?

Coolsculpting is a fat reduction treatment, not a weight loss treatment, but you will lose weight after your appointment. After the fat cells are frozen and killed, your body processes and sheds the cells. The process differs from diet and exercise because the cells die which means they are permanently gone after the competition of the process.

Are the Results Permanent?

The fat cells killed by Coolsculpting will never return. However, it is still possible to develop new fat cells in the targeted areas. Like any beauty treatment, Coolsculpting produces the best results when used in coordination with a well-developed health and fitness regime. Everybody is different and their bodies store fat in different ways that change over time as your hormones evolve. If you gained fat deposits during certain periods in your life, it is possible those fat deposits will never return because your body chemistry evolves.

When Will You See Results?

There is no surgery involved, so your body’s natural process of removing the cells can take some time. You will begin to see the first signs of your successful treatment in about three weeks. The complete results will take shape over four to six months. If you have large fat deposits to remove, you might consider multiple treatments.

How Long Does the Treatment Take?

The length of the treatment will depend on the amount of work you need done. You can receive treatment on small areas in as little as thirty-five minutes. You can choose to treat several areas of the body during a single appointment. There will also be some set-up time so you can expect the whole process to take a few hours, but most patients are delighted at how convenient the treatment is.

How Much Does Coolsculpting Cost?

The price of Coolsculpting depends on the amount of work that the patient requires, but it is a very affordable process when compared to other fat reduction methods. Simple procedures may be as little as several hundred dollars, with the average cost of Coolsculpting between two and four thousand dollars.

The relatively affordable nature of Coolsculpting makes it a great treatment to try on a small problem area. Most patients who try Coolsculpting are so impressed by the process that they schedule further treatments.

How to Prepare for Coolsculpting

Coolsculpting is an effective, affordable, and pain-free treatment that will provide a much-needed boost during the final portion of your health and fitness journey. If you are thinking about getting a Coolsculpting treatment, there is no reason not to get started today. Before you commit to Coolsculpting, it is important that you have a complete understanding about what to expect and how to make the treatment work for you. It’s important not to go into Coolsculpting with unreasonable expectations.

Achieve Your Goal Weight

We can’t emphasize enough that this treatment is for sculpting and not for massive weight loss. Coolsculpting is not economical or practical for massive weight loss. If a massive weight loss is your goal, consider gastric bypass surgery.

Remember that the smaller amount of fat there is in the treatment area, the more affordable your Coolsculpting treatment will be. The best candidate for Coolsculpting is an active individual with a healthy diet who has pockets of fat on his or her body resistant to weight loss.


The first step in Coolsculpting will be a consultation with a specialist. The specialist will evaluate your expectations and help you determine whether the treatment will be effective in achieving your health objectives. The specialist will be able to answer any questions you might have, and can also recommend things like consultations with nutrition experts to ensure your success.

The specialist can also guide you as to what treatments are available and suggest treatments for other body areas that might be a concern. Prepare notes for the consultation because there can be technical elements and it can be easy to forget to ask important questions. Some common target areas include the stomach, love handles, flanks, bra fat, inner and outer thighs, and the underarm. There are even smaller applicators that can be used under the chin and on the knees.

Your Appointment

The process of Coolsculpting requires your specialist to attach applicators to the target area. If the target area is large, the specialist will treat one area and then move the applicator to the next area. There are many forms and styles of applicators. Some applicators resemble a pair of virtual reality goggles that consist of a hard plastic body and a flexible border that comes into contact with the skin.

Once the specialist attaches the applicators, you will not be able to remove them throughout the duration of your treatment. It is important to wear comfortable clothing and take a bathroom break before the specialist puts on the applicators. Most patients sit on a bed propped up with pillows and watch television or sleep during the process. There is no pain, and it is certainly possible to relax during the treatment.


Some applicators contain a massaging element. Massaging the treatment area immediately after treatment for five minutes or more has been shown to improve the fat reduction by a considerable percentage. Your specialist can provide you with further information as to the benefits of post-treatment massage.

Resume Your Day

After the treatment you will be able to go back to work, exercise, or perform any other tasks of a normal day. Patients usually get the best results from two treatments spaced eight weeks apart. Each treatment eliminates twenty to twenty-five percent of the fat in a targeted area. If you require more rapid weight loss because of a scheduled event like a wedding, your specialist can design a tighter schedule that will meet your needs.

Is There a Treatment for Couples?

You can absolutely arrange a treatment for couples. A commitment to a healthy lifestyle is much easier to maintain if you have the support of a partner. Romantic partners, mothers and daughters, or best friends can all arrange to go on their Coolsculpting journey together.

Coolsculpting is the last step in a health plan that also includes dieting and exercise. The treatment allows you to pull away the curtain on that last layer of pesky body fat and see the results of all the hard work you’ve put into developing your muscles over the preceding months.

A Popular Alternative to Liposuction

Coolsculpting is a relatively new treatment that is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to liposuction. It allows you to take control of your body and reduce areas of problematic fat deposits without creating a major disruption in your day-to-day life. The pain-free, non-invasive nature of Coolsculpting makes it highly attractive and more affordable than other fat reduction methods. With Coolsculpting, you subject your body to minimal stress and achieve the results you want in a way that’s natural and healthy.

Everybody is different, and genetics and heredity sometimes make it impossible to eliminate unsightly packets of fat through diet and exercise alone. Don’t feel you have to go through your life enduring a body feature which erodes your self-confidence and your sense of personal satisfaction. You have a right to achieve the ideal you.

Your hormonal balances evolve over time, and the changes sometimes bring about new pockets of fat. It’s empowering to know that treatments exists which allow you to remove those unwanted fat bulges forever. You have a right to be the best version of you.

It All Starts With a Consultation

If you are ready to get started on the final portion of your health and wellness journey, contact the friendly specialists at Wayzata Cosmetic Surgery in Minnesota today. Coolsculpting in MN will let you take control of your body and achieve a smoother, more defined, and beautiful look. Call now and schedule a consultation to determine whether Coolsculpting is the right treatment to achieve your final fitness goals.

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