Numerous anti-aging measures have come and gone, all promising to restore your skin’s youthful elasticity and glow. However, only a few seem to fulfill their promise. Most of these procedures are expensive, require multiple sessions and may even require a certain amount of downtime before you can resume daily activities.


Thankfully, procedures like Photo Facial BBL have been developed to restore skin health without taking a toll on your wallet or your ability to return to normal life right after the procedure.


What is Photo Facial BBL?

The Photo Facial BBL procedure is a non-invasive and innovative skin care procedure that restores the skin’s fresh and youthful glow by improving texture and tone, removing age-related and other discolorations, correcting pigmentation problems, and smoothing out the skin’s rough texture. It is most effective when done on the skin of the face, neck and shoulders, the chest, arms, and hands.


Unlike other procedures, the BBL Light Source does not do any extensive damage to your skin so there’s  no need for any recovery time. You can resume daily activities once your procedure is done!


The Photo Facial BBL: How is it done?

The Photo Facial BBL procedure is done by applying broad spectrum light on the area to be treated. You may feel your skin becoming warm as the light is applied.


The light is absorbed and stimulates skin cells to generate new collagen, making it more elastic and supple. It also promotes the breaking down of uneven pigmentation to restore the natural color and tone of the skin. Your aesthetician will use a computer-guided scanner to target specific areas to ensure precise application of the treatment.


Are you a good candidate for a Photo Facial BBL Procedure?

Candidates for this procedure are those who suffer from the following:


– Acne

– Sunspots

– Age Spots

– Freckles

– Hyperpigmentation

– Spider Veins

– Skin Blemishes and Discoloration




Is it Safe?

This procedure is non-invasive and very safe. It can be completed in about 15 to 30 minutes.


How Many Treatments Do I Need?

For maximum results, you can undergo two to five treatments, with each session spaced every 2-4 weeks.


What are the Most Common Body Parts Treated With The Photo Facial BBL Procedure?

The most common body areas that can be treated with this procedure include the face, the neck, the shoulders, chest and the back of the hands.


How Long is the Recovery Time?

There is no need to undergo any downtime after the procedure. You can resume normal activities right after the treatment.

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