When many people hear the words cosmetic surgery, a person’s outward appearance usually comes to mind. And while that may be true, these procedures have the ability to offer patients so much more. These procedures can also provide remarkable health benefits to a wide variety of patients. Most people consider having cosmetic surgery to improve their physical appearance. And during the decision-making process, the positive health benefits of the procedure usually take a back seat to simply looking better.

How Specific Cosmetic Surgery Procedures Can Improve a Patient’s Health


The usual focus of cosmetic surgery is to improve one’s physical looks, and most patients feel better about their appearance. The outcome is typically an increase in self-esteem, which often drives patients to more favorable feelings and activities.


Most patients want to capitalize on the energy and time that went into their procedure(s), so they do their best to maintain their results. In many cases, the patient adopts a better diet and a more active lifestyle.


Fatty acids weaken your body’s capacity to break down insulin, so the removal and reduction of the number of fat cells through one of our non-surgical body contouring procedures can improve the patient’s chances against diabetes. The amount of fat removed is typically small, but it does help and can be a contributing factor in improving a patient’s chances of fighting off diabetes.


Removing fat cells can lower blood pressure and cholesterol, which both influence heart conditions.


After all of the areas described above have improved, a person’s self-confidence will also improve. For example, a person who had labiaplasty may experience new self-confidence.

When you consider all the benefits outlined above, it is clear how cosmetic surgery can help you live the best life possible for as long as possible. Contact us today at Wayzata Cosmetic Surgery & Spa to book a consultation in Wayzata and learn more.

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