You never believed all of the stories you heard about low testosterone levels. You have never had any problems and you’re in good shape. That all changed when you hit middle-age. Ever since then, changes have been happening that make you feel like something is very wrong. You can’t concentrate. You go to bed early every night and you still struggle to open your eyes in the morning. You don’t have enough energy to get the exercise that you did before and it is obvious. Your body is changing as you begin to gain weight. You are irritable all of the time without any reason. You have lost all interest in the bedroom. You are at wit’s end. Testosterone therapy could be the answer.

What is Going on Inside of Your Body?

You are going through something natural for men. When you were a young man in your early twenties, your testosterone levels were at their peak. You felt strong enough to take on the world. You had plenty of libido and it was easy to stay in shape. Your testosterone levels began to go down as you grew older. As you approach middle-age, they will go down even more. Some men don’t seem to notice any difference in how they feel. Others are like you. You are not going crazy. Your reproductive hormones are down and this can make you feel miserable. In order to bring your testosterone levels back up, testosterone therapy can help.

What are the Benefits of Testosterone Therapy?

When you choose to have testosterone therapy, the testosterone you have lost will be replaced. Your symptoms will go away as you begin to feel like yourself again. You will have energy, you will be able to get your weight under control and your libido will make a comeback.

How Can You Begin Testosterone Therapy?

In order to get started with testosterone therapy, you will need to see a qualified medical professional. Once our team at Wayzata Cosmetic Surgery and Spa has evaluated you and looked at your health records, it will be possible to create a plan of action. Testosterone therapy is an effective alternative that can help you to restore balance to your body. Our office is conveniently located in Wayzata. Contact us today to schedule a consultation for testosterone therapy!

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