Bellafill® is one of the only dermal fillers that delivers long-lasting wrinkle reduction. Since it’s an injectable filler, it’s safe, effective and reliable.

It’s routinely used for wrinkle reduction, and if you’re looking for a way to look younger, Bellafill® can help you achieve such a goal. Popular wrinkle fillers can work well, but they don’t last forever, and eventually, they’re absorbed by your body. To maintain the results, you must seek additional treatments.

Bellafill® is a bit different because it offers long-term results. Unlike many other dermal fillers, the treatment delivers results that last for years.

How Bellafill® Works

The results that you can get from this formula improve over a long period of time. Bellafill® has been successfully used on thousands of patients, and it has an excellent safety record.

A simple office treatment can put you on the path to amazing wrinkle reduction. When used for wrinkle correction, Bellafill® delivers some immediate results, and after the treatment, you can immediately return to your daily activities.

Unlike many temporary wrinkle fillers, Bellafill® is formulated with unique microspheres, which aren’t absorbed by the body. The microspheres are powerful because they provide the support that your skin needs to look good.

The Difference

Most alternative wrinkle fillers are made of synthetic and natural materials, and it doesn’t take long for your body to break these materials down and eliminate the results. Since the materials are broken down over time, the wrinkle reduction is very temporary. If you choose temporary fillers, you’ll also need to undergo ongoing maintenance treatments after multiple months.

Bellafill® is different because it’s a long-term product. The microspheres that it is formulated with provide optimal support for your skin, and since they’re not absorbed by your body, you don’t have to worry about ongoing maintenance treatments for quite a while.

The microspheres in the product aren’t absorbed by your body, and once injected, they create a strong support matrix for your skin. Since the formula is designed to work with natural collagen in your body, the results are nothing short of incredible.

Reasons to Consider This Treatment

There are several reasons why it’s a good idea to get these injections. By restoring lost volume within your skin, the treatment delivers some immediate results, and you can expect long-lasting results as well that only improve with time.

To put it simply, Bellafill® can improve your appearance and give you long-lasting results. To see if the treatment is right for you, book an appointment at Wayzata Cosmetic Surgery & Spa. Our office is conveniently located right here in Wayzata. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and get started!

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