Wayzata is a vibrant city. It is home to business and entertainment and benefits from a lot of what nature provides. The vibrancy of the city is reflected in the individuals who live here. They have an active lifestyle, they are focused on their health, and they want to do everything that they can to look their best for as long as possible. This is one of the reasons why many Wayzata residents have seen the advantage of getting professional facial treatments.

What is a Facial?

This treatment is designed to improve the appearance of your skin. Afterwards, your skin is going to feel softer, look younger, and regain a radiance that was lost. The treatment will not only improve the appearance of your skin, but it will also make your skin healthier. One of the key aspects of a facial treatment is clearing up clogged pores. It will also exfoliate dead skin cells and lead to improved blood flow, as well as improved lymphatic function.

Why Facials are Beneficial to Wayzata Residents

Facial treatments can minimize the effect that sun exposure has on your skin. And while it is true that Minnesota is not the sunniest place on the planet, during the Summer months, the sun is harsh. Even during the Winter, the sun’s reflection off the snow can have a detrimental effect on your skin.

These simple treatments can reverse some of the skin damage you might have as a result of smoking, the overuse or incorrect use of skin care products, as well as other environmental factors. Men and women begin to age prematurely when they are under stress. A facial minimizes a person’s stress level.

Stress is linked to skin outbreaks, especially rosacea. Stress shortens the lifespan of your skin cells. Stress can lead to increased acne outbreaks. All of these things are minimized by including a facial treatment in your skin care routine.

A facial will allow our skin care professionals to monitor the health of your skin. As a result of this monitoring, they will be able to recommend good skin care products that you can use at home, as well as alert you to any troubling conditions that might require additional care.

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Many Wayzata residents have come to understand that a facial is not a luxury. Instead, it is an important yet enjoyable part of keeping your skin healthy. At Wayzata Cosmetic Surgery & Spa, we proudly offer the HydraFacial MD® treatment. Contact us today to schedule a consultation at our office in Wayzata!

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