As men grow older, visible signs of aging begin to appear. While normal, some aging symptoms like loss of libido, muscle mass, and an increase in body fat can be troubling to many men.

They may accept the idea of getting older, but still want to fight the process every step of the way. Luckily, there is a medical treatment available that has helped many men stave off the effects of old age and enjoy a more youthful appearance: Hormone Optimization™.

What is Testosterone?

Testosterone is the hormone that the body produces mainly in the testicles and is needed for developing normal male growth and masculine traits.

The production of this important hormone begins to level off in adolescence and the early stages of adulthood. Once older age has been reached, it begins trailing off each subsequent year.

Testosterone is critical in the formation of muscle mass and strong bones. It also helps men develop deeper voices and increases sex drive. Hypogonadism is a condition of low male testosterone levels.

Women also have testosterone, but in far lower levels. The adrenal glands and ovaries are responsible for the creation of testosterone in women.

Research has found a link between low levels of testosterone and heart conditions. The evidence shows that testosterone replacement can cause coronary arteries to widen.

This can help those who suffer from chest pain, angina, and pressure due to the heart not receiving enough blood.

Low testosterone can also cause a lack of red blood cells, which can be countered with Hormone Optimization™. This helps men who suffer from anemia or low red blood cell counts.

Testosterone Effects Upon Muscle Mass and Fat

Having a leaner body is helpful in controlling weight in men and increasing energy. Studies suggest that Hormone Optimization™ can lower fat levels and increase the size of muscles and strength.

The effect is increased even more when combined with exercise and strength training.

Bone Mass Effects

Lower testosterone levels in men are associated with a loss of bone density. Strong bones are important in supporting muscles and internal organs.

Studies have found that men who optimize their testosterone levels have higher bone density than those who do not.

The increase in bone density is even higher in men who combine testosterone therapy with strength training. Increased muscle mass encourages the body to increase bone density to support the increased forces generated by additional muscle strength.

Sex Drive and Energy Levels

Levels of testosterone naturally rise with sexual arousal. Long periods of abstinence lead to a drop off in testosterone levels.

Restoring testosterone levels increased libido and has a boosting effect in sexual desire and performance.

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